Foreign payments not available


I’m getting a message that foreign payments are not available and to try again on a week… (presumably weekday).


Hmmm - and I’m getting the following.


And that looks like an iffy exchange rate you have there :grinning:


It’s not the best rate, is it :smile:

@StarlingSupport any idea what’s going on?


This seems to be a bug! Sorry @danmullen and @Graham - we should be able to have a fix as early as tomorrow.


Great, thanks @patrick. Just to be clear, this has been working since I updated to the latest version of the app. It stopped working later this evening.


You should now be able to get quotes and send foreign payments again @danmullen @Graham.
We’ll make some improvements to the error messaging too.
Have a nice night gents :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting that sorted @patrick. Out of interest, what was the problem?