Foreign Payment reference


Hi, I am a new user looking to make a foreign payment. I have setup the payee, added the account IBAN and Swift details but I see nowhere where I can add a reference. I have tried editing the account details and see previously used references ??? - dont know where they came from. I have also spent 2 hours on a chat to no avail. Can anyone advise how do I add my own reference to the transaction and where in the process it will be added.

Many thanks in advance.



Hi Chris,

it’s not possible to set up a reference up front, as part of the payee/account setup.
We implemented it slightly differently.
You will be able to provide a reference for every specific payment when preparing the payment.
The Reference field has its own built-in history mechanism though, so if you will want to reuse the same one over and over…it’s going to be seamless. I assume you want to provide a reference because it’s permanent.

Just use any reference you like, and it will be available in the history part of reference field next time.


Hi Kris,

So to be clear, I have the payee and account set up and I go to make a payment, I enter the amount in Stirling the amount is converted into Euro - what they receive, if click on the tick will I then be given an opportunity to insert a reference?? I do not want the payment to go without a specific reference.



Yes, exactly.
Your worry about payment immediately firing of while having this first-time experience with Foreign Payments shows me we have a User eXperience issue. I will add this to our post 1.0 UX review list, it would be pretty easy to mitigate with better communication in the UI.

Thanks for highlighting this.


Thank you for your assistance.