Foreign Merchants


Going forward are there any plans to update Merchant logo and / or at the very least the map for foreign transactions?
All the transactions from my recent holiday are looking rather bare and unloved.

Monzo cover these transactions rather well.




Have you contacted customer services about his. I contacted them when I went to Spain and spent money and got logo updated. No map didn’t notice that till I looked at mine.


So just out of interest, no locations have come through for your overseas transactions? I’ve not used mine abroad yet.


I made 13 transactions on a recent holiday to Greece 07-17 Aug.
None have any location info or merchant logo (most were local shops/restraunts so i’m not expecting much on the logo’s)
I don’t really want to sit trawling through logo’s myself and asking for updates so was wondering what the future plans will be for foreign transactions.
On a positive note the card worked seamlessly on holiday.


Like you say, I wouldn’t realistically expect logos for absolutely everything, but I’m a bit concerned that there is no location info coming through!

This does beg the question, what are Monzo doing differently? :thinking:


We’re working hard to add info to as many merchants as we can, seems these ones haven’t been caught quite yet. Hopefully we’ll catch them soon, but feel free to drop customer service a message or post in this thread if you like. :slight_smile: