Foreign keyboard bug


I’m using foreign keyboard language input in mobile phone instead english one and there is a problem after latest app update. Keyboard in payement screen does not work - i can’t type any number, so it’s not possible send a payement to any payee. There is only one solution: change keyboard input to english, send payement and change keyboard language back again. i’m using android, but same problem has my friend with iphone. will it be fixed pls? thanks


The keyboard you are using would be useful to know. Also worthwhile reporting to Support


I can confirm that this is affecting me, too. Personally, I’m learning Swedish, so have by phones set up with Swedish as the primary language. I too also have to switch back to English to be able to type anything on the payment page. I reported this to an advisor a while ago, hopefully it will be fixed an update soon.

If it helps the technical team, my keyboard is SwiftKey in Swedish layout. I don’t need to change the keyboard to English to get things to work, just the phone language - the Swedish keyboard then works fine. Also, on my OnePlus 3, where Android can be configured to use multiple languages, the problem occurs only when Swedish is the first (preferred) language - I can keep Swedish in the list as position 2 so long as English is position 1.

Making these system changes is quite an inconvenience, and I don’t think should be necessary; I understand English perfectly well, but shouldn’t need to have my phone configured for it as a primary language to make a payment, surely?


And just in case it helps with tracking things, I can confirm that the problem does exist in the new app versions downloaded from Play Store today.


It seems with the latest Android app update, foreign keyboard is working, so thank you!

However, very bizarrely, during a moment of connection blackout yesterday, it did for a few seconds say my balance was “0,00 kr”. I’m going to put that down to actually being in Norway right now. It did fix itself in a minute or so when the data connection recovered!