Foreign currency transaction display bug - please change it back!


Argh… I don’t know if it’s a bug, or something that happened in the latest app version, but something’s changed in how transaction details are displayed when it’s in a foreign currency.

If you look at your transaction list, it’ll all be in pounds - which is great. But if you click to view the details of a transaction you know is in (for example) dollars, it used to have the pound value at the top, and then in smaller text would have the dollar value and the exchange rate used to make the transaction.

Now it doesn’t have the pound value on the detail at all. Please can you change this back! I found it really helpful for my employer when doing expenses - i could just screenshot each transaction detail and it would have everything they needed on it (except a receipt!).

Here’s a before and after… pounds on one, dollars on the other :frowning:

  • 1 to this. Used to be much clearer.


Hi, Looks like a big to me as the £ amount shows on the feed. We’ll get this fixed.


thanks - yep i’m pretty sure it’s new as per the latest app update.