Foreign Currency Goals


While the account is only GBP you may wish to save for something abroad like a hotel, car hire, etc. which may be an amount in USD or EUR for example.

It would be good to set Goals in say EUR and have the app always show a current rate and display the balance of that Goal in the Account Currency of £ and the Goal Currency e.g. €


Good thinking, especially as we expand to support other currencies soon too. I’ll share this with the team! :slight_smile:


I would add to that the ability to see what the daily exchange rate is with another currency. For example - if I was saving for an excursion in another country, paid for in local currency (€300 Goal), but I might be saving in £’s.


Some means of linking this in with location software and a welcome abroad message


Me too, I’d like to see a welcome message to whatever country you are visiting.

Maybe this could include the exchange (MasterCard) rate showing what you get for a pound in that local currency. That would be a nice touch.


We’ve had that suggestion here :slight_smile: