Forecasting Spending/ Smart Balance / Safe to Spend


I’d definitely second a second… account. Or at least the ability to have a personal, sole trader, and a business account, and could just use the sole trader as a second personal (although not a suitable solution for those who already have them i appreciate.)


I’m disappointed about the DDs from a Goal news… And I am extra disappointed because, as pointed out before, it was suggested as “coming soon” when it clearly wasn’t and it shouldn’t have been said!!

But now that @Oliver_Wright has said that they’re NOT doing it then I guess I can just shut up about it.

Like they’re clearly not giving us the swipe back so I can shut up about that too.

At least you can all get a break from my giant rambling posts. :blush:


Noooo… more of them! I enjoyed them, especially the bits involving white goods. But length is good, it breaks up the merchant improvement requests and Logan being vague and gives us something interesting to read!


Certainly something we are thinking about introducing but we do want to be clear as to what we are actively working on.

Hope this helps,