Force close


Application force closes on virtual card screen instead of notification.
I used virtual card screen to top up wife’s phone. After clicking top up proceed button on laptop Starling application force closes instead of spending notification…
iOS application


Hi, so the app is crashing when topping up using a debit card? Just to confirm this is on iOS?


Yes. I have used Starling virtual Debit card on iOS application…


Ok, please can you pick this one up @sarah.guha


Just to be sure I’m understanding, you are attempting to top up a Starling account using a debit card? Are you using a Starling debit card or another bank?


Hello, Kris has fixed an issue where the app might crash if it’s open when a notification is received. This should be fixed in our next build.

@Mogolent can you confirm your app only crashes when you expect a notification? I hope it’s not crashing every time you access the card or top up screen.



Hi. Thanks for your reply.
It crashes when application is open and I expect a spending notification. In overall application is very stable. Happy New Year! :christmas_tree: