Fitbit style savings challenges in goals


Touching on the shared goals idea, would it be possible to create shared goals between friends and family - not to contribute but to compete against each other to reach a target amount. For example, I want to go travelling with friends so we create a challenge of saving £2000. As we contribute, we move up and down a leaderboard until we reach the target. You could send messages of encouragement or banter and even contribute if you’re feeling flush. I’m not sure how possible this is but thought it might be worth sharing.


Have to say this made me smile. I’m generally all about a Fitbit challenge…

I think this idea is fun, something that you rarely connect with money and finance.

Nice idea!


I love this!!


Really love this too - I’m adding it to our list! :slight_smile:


Keeping on the Fitbit theme, another idea could be to add badges to encourage people with savings goals. You could set target dates and have it congratulate you at certain stages and even let you know how much you need to save each day to reach that goal to keep you motivated. If included as part of the social aspect it would also encourage others. Again just adds a bit of fun to saving. The design is borrowed from Fitbit but would obviously be designed to have more of a starling feel to it.


You’re on a roll @Cragmireuk absolutely love this idea; again so fun.


I really like these!

The Fitbit challenges is one of the thing I’m missing from using the Apple Watch instead of the Fitbit!