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So, thoughts on the announcement…

Thinking back to when Android Pay launched, there was a competition from Starling to win an Android Phone…

Any chance of Starling getting a few watches from Fitbit to offer as a competition to their customers? As they’re cheaper than an android phone - could get hold of 3 or 4 of them?

Looking at the press today - it’s getting quite a lot of it. Unsurprisingly, it’s lead by Fitbit though (‘Fitbit launches Fitbit Pay with Challenger Bank’ - there’s no 'Starling announces that it launched Fitbit Pay) and none of the stories mentions how easy it is to open a Starling account at least as a ‘second’ account to use with the watch.

I’d suggest, if possible, a fairly prominent feature on the main website all about it, how you can get the app and apply for the account etc.

(Yes - I know there’s a topic discussing this but thought it would be nicer to have an obvious title to it).

Big Announcement Tuesday?

And one negative thing about Fitbit Pay…

Reading the blog Starling have posted - Fitbit Pay does seem to have the same £30 limit as ‘standard’ contactless payments.

Apple Pay - and I assume Apple Pay on the Apple Watch is included, doesn’t have that - as long as the shop is setup correctly.

Does anyone know of any wearable android pay watch and if Android pay does or doesn’t have the £30 limit?


I don’t/will never have a Fitbit so I’m not fussed about Fitbit pay. But looking at it from Starlings point of view they are a bank that are trying to grow. And getting new customers because of the Fitbit link up can only be a good thing.


Now I can use that contactless vending machine in my local gym :muscle: :watch:️ - for me the choice of ways to pay with Starling is only a good thing.


I think the blog article at is really very good actually and has a really nice and honest story to it.

All the other stuff aside, Starling have achieved this first showing that they can be very agile and at the forefront of the banking curve. We haven’t had any forum users give their own experiences yet but I imagine that this feature will have been well implemented like Apple Pay and Android Pay have been.

As I mentioned before, I won’t be swapping to the Ionic any time soon as I’ve got the Charge 2 but tend to replace my Fitbit every couple of years when a compelling new feature comes along. I think if Fitbit add a few more features to make it more smart-watchy then I’ll be upgrading, perhaps the Ionic 2? I’d still be open to winning one in a competition though as @Stephen_Clifford alluded to ;), good for both Android and iOS users!

Perhaps Fitbit will add the functionality to some of the cheaper models, which would definitely make it more widespread as I see loads of people with Fitbit models up to the Charge 2 but not really the Blaze and Ionic. I imagine you could still have the functionality of NFC payments without a larger colour screen. Surely the feedback of accepted/failed payments can be done on a monochrome screen like those of the Charge 2, Alta, etc or even the coloured LEDs on the Flex 2?


So when you use touch ID on Apple or Android pay you can pay for things in the hundreds or thousands of pounds. The limit of £30 is there for when you don’t authenticate with a thumb/finger. So tapping your contactless card or tapping your apple watch against the reader there will be a limit.


Hey @Steven,

It was my understanding that Apple Watch ‘authenticates’ ApplePay with a PIN and then remains authenticated until the watch is removed from the user’s wrist, as the watch see’s the user’s continuous heartbeat as a continuous authorisation. Please do correct me if I am wrong with this, but this means that Apple Watch is NOT restricted to the £30 limit at vendors where ApplePay higher limits are accepted (Shell Garages, Marks and Spencer, etc).

What I don’t know is whether Android Pay and FitBit Pay watches use the same sort of tech.

Am I wrong in thinking this?


You are right about ApplePay on a watch, it remains authenticated until you remove from your wrist and you can use it for payments over £30.

I believe Starling limit ApplePay on phone and watch to £500.

I’m not sure what the limit for ApplePay is with other banks but I brought my iPad, Pencil and case which was £1000+ from Apple with my old Santander account using ApplePay, their limit is definitely higher

Waitrose quote on their ApplePay adverts on their contactless terminals in store they have a £10,000 limit!!

I don’t know about Android Pay and even tho I love tech, didn’t even know Fitbit Pay existed!!!


Fitbit Pay would definitely be capable of doing the same thing because it also has a heart rate monitor that measures continuously, well at least my Fitbit Charge 2 does and I wouldn’t think they’d remove that on the Ionic. Whether it actually does though is a different thing.

I would think that some from Starling would have commented on this by now as they all seem to have them :slight_smile:


To be fair though - Fitbit Pay only launched at the start of this month and is currently only available via their new Ionic watch so it’s not surprising it’s not well known.

However, the rumours are that early next year they’ll be launching the Fitbit Charge 3 and Fitbit Blaze 2 with Fitbit Pay as well.

But from what I’ve read - it is currently limited to the standard contactless amount (£30 in the UK, $50 in the US). There’s some features that with the Ionic that have the hardware in the watch but haven’t been enabled yet - for example, they’ve got a sensor in the watch to actually monitor your oxygen levels in your bloodstream but they haven’t enabled it yet because the software is buggy. Hopefully enabling Fitbit Pay for above £30 can also be done via a software update - they just need to convince the banks that they’ve partnered with that it’s a secure system.


That’s so that you can pay for the weekly shop.


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Twice now I’ve seen the advert for the Fitbit Ionic watch, but no mention of Fitbit Pay, this is on their own advert??

Are Fitbit not actually bothering with Fitbit Pay themselves?? Seems odd to have a TV advert on prime time national TV but make no mention of their own Pay service? There was definitely no mention of Starling being their partner in this.

Maybe the Starling marketing department might be wanting to make a call and ask Fitbit what’s going on?!