FitBit Pay on Versa


Has anyone tried adding the card to a FitBit Versa?

Thinking of getting one to replace my Blaze but torn between going Samsung S3 or Versa and i think the deciding factor is if the Versa will work with Starling Bank.

Mainly curious because of this statement on Starling Banks FAQ’s

For the moment, Fitbit Pay will only work on Fitbit Ionic watches, noton other Fitbit devices.

Didn’t know if its just not been updated since Versa’s release.


Yes, my wife has and it works great. I’ll try and get a video of a transaction taking place later this evening :slight_smile:


@Joe_Merriman Thanks, thats great to know!


The only thing to remember is that with the Versa there’s 2 versions and I think only the Special Edition includes Fitbit Pay? (although I could be wrong about that).


that only applies to the US, any FitBit versa from EU has the NFC on both versions (for some bazaar reason)

edit: Ive just had a response from CS saying this is a feature they might add in the future … implying its no working for Versa… getting confused now

@Joe_Merriman can you pretty please confirm for sure before i make the wrong choice :smiley:


Avoiding the conflicting advice and go for the Samsung S3 :wink:


Hey, we bought our versa from Argos and Fitbit Pay works flawlessly. It definitely has an NFC chip :slight_smile:

I’ll take pics later this evening when I get home.


No @MIROW Fitbit all the way :slight_smile:


Fitbit versa with Fitbit Pay @AvexiMatt


Thanks so much! your a star!


Just bought myself a Fitbit versa today, worked flawlessly with Fitbit Pay


Are you happy with the Versa so far? I’m considering buying one.


Apple Watch all the way…


Are they comparable? I can’t say I have looked at the fitness features on the Apple Watch.

Something to consider…


I’ve had both. If you have an iPhone, then the Apple Watch is the absolute perfect companion. It’s brilliant and does everything Fitbit does and better. Fitbit is really good for the social side for challenges etc, but the hardware is simply awful. It will break down. They will replace it - several times. It’s just a fisher price smart watch. The Apple Watch wins hands down.


Yeah it’s decent, does exactly what i need.


I’ve had an Apple Watch they are great.


Apple watches are comfortable.


My wife has an iPhone and an Apple Watch to pair with and honestly its the best wearable ive ever seen or used. But as an android fan its useless when paired with my samsung.

If you have an iPhone then get the Apple watch (if your budget stretches that far) it can do everything a FitBit Versa/Ionic can do and so much more. (and being far more mainstream the apps for it are near limitless but the FitBitOS seems lacking from what i can see currently)


I set mine up a few days ago it works perfectly … only reason I opened the account was to have it on my versa as starling is currently the only uk bank allowing Fitbit pay!