First Road Block after switching :(


Yes yes I know there will be downside with full switching to a Beta but anyway here it is.

Set up a standing order to MoneyFarm. Received email from them saying I need to verify my account before they can invest it, can I send them a copy of a statement. They also said most banks can verify electronically, but obviously not Starling.

Switched last week fully, so no statements until 1st.

No other way to verify as Customer service wouldn’t/couldn’t provide me with a headed letter over email confirming my switch or verify that this is my account, so now I have a lot of money in limbo for next 3 weeks.

Frustrating a bit because I know a legacy bank would have given me what I needed.

Oh well. Not to happy but what can I do :confused:


Hi @lozfromcorby I’m not sure that a legacy bank would be able to produce a letter like you need so soon after having opened an account. Unfortunately the problem is more about the lack of proper identity verification in this country with the onus placed on financial institutions to verify identity where government fails to provide an open way of validating it.

Not a solution I know but not necessarily Starling’s fault.

Have you asked Money Farm what else they can accept and explained the recent account transfer. A closing statement from your previous bank with the balance transfer showing etc. might be an answer.


They said even a welcome letter from starling would have been fine. Customer service said no can’t do it.

Ideally Starling would verify electronicly like other banks. Seems amazing they don’t.

I’ve asked for proof of address before from nationwide, and I got it in a couple of hours. That was years a go too.

I called MoneyFarm to, they were very nice.

Oh well.


Just to upset me further…I just saw this post over at Monzo…


This is not the can do approach I’d expect from an agile start-up challenger trying to disrupt a dinosaur industry. :confused:


@JamesPratley are you not able to provide a letter for @lozfromcorby to help them out.


I think he covered this bit already when he said:


No because I haven’t had the account long enough to generate my.first statement.


We are still in Beta so perhaps these things will be ironed out. It must be frustrating but I’m not moving from my legacy bank to either starling or Monzo until these issues are resolved.
Both companies don’t seem to have done a lot of research around what customers may need when opening an account.


The solution would be in the Statements menu to generate a welcome letter as soon as you activate card. Would be a nice touch also, could refer back to it whenever applications as me when I opened my bank (I usually just guess!)

Like I said it’s frustrating, but I’m happy to be a guinea pig and point these things out. :slight_smile:


@lozfromcorby that sounds like a brilliant idea to generate a welcome PDF when you join.


Hi @lozfromcorby - let me see if I can help. I am sure some sort for letter can be produced for you. I’ll also look into the electronic verification process, if you know more about this feel free to let me know. I’ll chat to @Megan_Caywood too about marketplace potential.


Thank you @sarah.guha , if you can help that is great.

MoneyFarm and marketplace would be a great addition also.

I’ve spoken to MoneyFarm, they will hold my money up to 10 days to see if I can get anything, otherwise will send back for me to try again another day.



Apologies for my impatience :slight_smile: is there any up date on this @sarah.guha ? IS this the right channel I should be asking in?

If not, don’t worry about it, I will just get MF to send me my money back and work out something else.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi, My colleague in our CS team will be reaching out to you (if not already done so). We can create a document for your needs. I’m going to pop over to them now and make sure they’re on it.


Just so everyone is aware, customer service at in touch and working on it so I’m content.

It’s kinda cool for a bank to be able to message me. :slight_smile:

And hey, if I hadn’t have dived right in with the full switch I would have resolved it by using old bank but instead I’ve pointed out an issue so hopefully helped for when people switch in the long run :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@lozfromcorby thanks for updating and letting us know:


For what its worth, Tide, although with an infinitely less thought through UX than Starling (i.e. app is very ugly) have an (apparently) well trodden path for requesting an account verification letter before a first statement. Ask in the customer support chat window and very quickly they respond with a Google Drive link to a generated PDF on headed paper referring to your account.

This is a more common ask for businesses and freelancers (some agencies ask for a proof when you ask them to redirect contract payments) so perhaps they’re more used to dealing with it.


Thanks we’ll take a look. @patrick