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Hello! I’ve been keeping tabs on since it was announced. It started off boring (default parked domain page?? Come on Starling… you’re better than this :stuck_out_tongue: ) and then got a little bit more interesting (got pointed to an AWS IP address but… was always off whenever I tried to take a look) and then even more interesting! (Got routed through cloudflare but… was still off) but now I’ve managed to reach it when it’s on and it looks like we might be getting close to having this feature revealed!

Here’s an unofficial sneak-peak (couldn’t get it working on my laptop… so here’s some screenshots from my phone):

(scrolled down a bit, it looks like we’ll be able to set up our links in the pay tab of the starling app).

After searching around a bit with names of known Starling staff I managed to find @sarah.guha 's page (blacked out a few bits… imo that’s a few too many digits of a phone number to show)

I went back to try and take a look at the limits and to see if we can put in specific amounts (down to a few pennies) but it seems like someone at Starling has just switched it off again to go home for the night :expressionless: ah well.

Anyway, personally, I’m liking how this is looking, what’s everyone else’s thoughts?


Eagle eyes indeed :eyes: thanks for not showing my phone number :wink: Nothing like a real sneak peek on a Friday hey - as you can see we’re getting closer to this feature being available so keep an eye out.


Nice spot. That won’t happen again :grinning:


I’m maybe being a little thick here, but what is the benefit of doing this over creating a payee and then paying them through the payments screen?


Hi :slight_smile: as far as I know it’s not supposed to be Starling to Starling payments or a bank transfer. It’s an easy way for someone (doesn’t have to be a Starling user) to send a starling user money with a debit card (potentially also android/apple pay? Not sure) rather than having to go into their own online/mobile banking to set up a bank transfer.

It should be faster for the odd one off payment

Wouldn’t be surprised if we get a “coming soon” page plastered over anything public facing by EOD tomorrow :wink:


Oh so a bit like paying for something online? Where you enter your card details etc. I still fail to see a massive time saving between that and doing into your banking app and doing it, bit maybe it’s because I’m behind in the times. So how does it work? Let’s say someone wants to pay me, do I send them a link or something and if so how is that link sent?


Yes - so imagine you and five friends have decided to go on holiday. The flights are £80 each and you say you’ll book the tickets.

So, you set this up and then email or txt them a link to your starlingpay page and they just pay you direct the money. No need to give your bank details out - which can be entered wrong into the banking app and some apps are difficult to setup new payments anyway (with Nationwide I need to use the card reader to setup a new person to pay).

And taking it one step further, something that’s been requested and I think they’ve generally said sounds like a good idea, would be to link this to a specific goal. So, you setup a ‘flights’ goal - and then the payments your friends make through that page go straight into that goal. That’ll be something they might be able to do later on (pretty sure this wont be an option when they first launch)


Great thank you, very helpful


Ah beat me to it Stephen :stuck_out_tongue: hadn’t seen about the specific goals, that would come in handy actually. Also… wish this feature had been in place before I just organised a group event… currently trying to remind 8 people to bring the cash in because they all can’t understand bank transfers :grimacing:


This whole feature sounds really smart. Thanks for the summary @Stephen_Clifford.


It’s the same concept as


*except you don’t need a paypal (or in this case, Starling) account to send money, you should just be able to use your card details.


This would be freaking amazing.


I would love to see extension to the service that I would like to see a bill split from in app, I pay in full, I would like to then open the Starling app, find the transaction, hit a ‘split bill’ or similar button and be able to email or sms or WhatsApp or whatever the payment link to my friends, pre filled with the money owed.


Interestingly from the screenshots on the announcement it looks like this might be the intended way that it will work.


Well thats a full on win then :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen that screenshot, am I being blind? where was it published?


In the initial blog post, closer to the bottom they mention starling pay me.


+1 to this feature. I don’t see this mentioned or screenshotted in the blog post too


It’s under “Your wishlist. Our goals.” :slight_smile:


@P110 I was mentioning about this feature. It is not in the blog post. :slight_smile: