First hurdle tripped


Experienced the first chip in Starling’s gloss today; I guess it was always going to be painful after the joy of the ‘on-boarding’ experience. I needed some cash for the first time in a month, so toddled along to the nearest bank (a Co-operative Bank branch) and made the necessary request.

‘Card not recognised’ it spat. Checking that I hadn’t tried my library card, I shuffled off empty handed. Checked Starling’s main website for cash withdrawal info - all it says is that I can have up to 300GBP per day.

Look at my card - it doesn’t say ‘debit card’ on it. Maybe I got it wrong and it’s a credit card?!? Still should have worked though.

So I call up Starling CS via the app. I think they’ve got someone new started who used to work for Barclays, because to say that they were deliberately as unhelpful as possible really doesn’t even begin to describe their responses. Thoughts such as ‘terrible mistake switching’ started to run through my mind.

And, post-chat, I’m still none the wiser. Starling should be properly up-front with new customers, and tell them that their ‘challenger’ card won’t work in Link ATMs. We, the British public, have been brainwashed for the last 20-odd years into believing that only ATMs with the Link logo are to be trusted. I think a little more information and reassurance needs to be forthcoming to wean us off that.

As far as I was aware, the only non-Link ATMs were the ones in corner shops and pubs which charge you three quid to withdraw a tenner. Starling CS person said that’s not the case. But made no effort to direct me to any info or give clues to where I might find a free-to-use ATM which doesn’t involve a trip into a post-war housing estate.


  1. Today’s CS person needs re-programming; and
  2. Starling needs to be more upfront about its limitations and offer some decent information to support its customers.


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