Fintech services


what fintech services have you come across? I’m not talking about banks like starling or monzo but services that just enable you to do more with the banking data?

For me my mind was blown with Yolk, i know it’s simple but i really like getting the extra analysis of my finances to see where i’m over spending.

I really want to look at savings like Chip or Plum but i’m not overly keen on using FB messenger or the bot style apps.

Open discussion and not necessarily aimed at just Starling :slight_smile:


To be honest I’ve not come across anything that makes me think, oh wow, that’s amazing.

I find companies are still simple in the direction they are going, not looking at doing something different, just more digital.

Companies like Qufenqi, SoFi, Oscar Health and Kensho are all interesting companies, not well known in the UK but when they actually decide to move into the European / UK market they could potentially be game changers.


I’m really enjoying the MoneyHub app.

I didn’t quite get on with the likes of Yolt and Emma. They just weren’t for me.

Unfortunately MoneyHub costs £14.99 per year, but it’s worth it in my opinion.


My mate works for SoFi in the US.


Bet its interesting for him, I like SoFi and it’s direction.


£14.99 if you buy Via Apple Store, £9.99 if you login via MoneyHub web site.