Fingerprint logon


Doesn’t anyone else find that the fingerprint log on fails quite a bit?

It’s like 50/50 for me whether I’ll need to enter a passcode?

I have a pixel 2 XL…no problems unlocking phone? Maybe it just retries it very fast if I’m not quite there, in a way Starling doesnt?


I get this the odd time too, with the same phone. Not sure what it is, but it never happened before they introduced their own fingerprint page some time ago.

It would be handy if below the 9 there was another button to get the fingerprint page back up from the passcode screen.


I’ve not had a problem, sometimes I forget that its a banking app so its slightly slower to unlock and I move my finger too quick, but that’s due to me being too quick. Otherwise I have no problems.


I’ve never had an issue with my Huawei phone.

There have been issues noted with the fingerprint reader with the pixel 2 but I’m not sure if they have been resolved. Also as the pixel is a Google phone you get the latest version of Android first and some times this can mean bugs.


I’ve reported this issue a few times, haven’t had an update as yet.


I wish we had the option to get rid of it altogether like monzo


I wish the iris scanner came back. I just had to look at it. It was perfect! This was a step back for me.


I get this quite a lot if I switch away from the app for a bit, then switch back via the task drawer. It, quite rightly, decides it needs to authenticate me again, but the fingerprint login instantly fails without any interaction, and prompts for passcode. You then either need to enter the passcode, or kill the app and restart it.


Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve reported. It was being investigated some time ago but I’m not sure they managed to replicate it.