Fingerprint login not working on Xiaomi and Huawei devices


I’ve just changed from my Oneplus device to a Xiaomi Mi Mix. I’ve always used fingerprint login on the old phone, but can’t seem to get it working on the new phone.

I’ve gone into the settings and changed from App Passcode to using the phone’s security. All my other apps, like my email client, accept the fingerprint when the system dialog box comes up asking for the pattern login. Starling, however, doesn’t and I can only get into the app using the pattern login. I’ve also tried changing the system login to PIN + Fingerprint, but again all apps except Starling work with fingerprint.

Has anyone else with a Xiaomi phone got fingerprint login working?

Passwords vs PINs 🔐

I’m using redmi note 4, don’t know if its same settings but I just go to “settings” app settings “app lock” and click on starling app, that should set it to fingerprint unlock

the blue means it set


Unfortunately that didn’t help. It just enabled a fingerprint login before getting to the Starling login, which will still not accept fingerprint login


I got a Xiaomi phone too, the fingerprint dose not works on miui for the Starling app.


Hi there! There are a few Android phones that currently override our software when it comes to phone security settings (and calendar selection - cough cough - Samsung). Our development team are working on this as we understand that our customers would like to have the choice between passcode/biometric options.


Thanks. It seems phones like Xiaomi and Huawei have issues with the fingerprint in Starling. It’s the only app I’ve found though that doesn’t use the system security screen correctly. All my other apps let me use the system security pattern or fingerprint correctly.


You are correct! Our main issues are with Xiaomi and Huawei - I hope it’s fixed soon because that new Huawei with the gradient colour finish looks incredible