Fingerprint Failure threshold


Is there a way that you guys could increase the threshold for fingerprint failures before we are then prompted to put in the passcode? At present, if the fingerprint fails just once we are then prompted to put in the passcode. In any other app where fingerprint authentication is allowed, if the fingerprint isn’t recognised for some reason, one of two things happen; 1- you are re-prompted to retry the finger (either infinitely or 3 more times) 2- You have the OPTION of entering a passcode.

It’s a bit of a niggle to have to enter a passcode immediately after one failed fingerprint attempt.


I actually think this is a bug and have posted about it before - it happens even when the fingerprint is recognised sometimes. Other people have also experienced this. Hopefully Starling are working on it.


Don’t know whether you are on Android or iOS but on Android, it doesn’t ask me for my fingerprint if it fails the first time. However others on Android have a problem with fingerprint, so I also think its probably a bug rather than design.