Finally a bank that cares


As some of you will know, a small number of customers had their card transactions declined in the past weeks due to technical issues. From that several customers including myself showed our frustrations on the community support pages.

It is something we are not used to happening, and did make me go a little red faced when trying to pay for things. However, I/We sometimes forget these things happen. Normally banks would just try and ignore the fact this happened, but Not Starling. Clearly they read our comments and understand our limited frustrations .

Today, I got a little card to say sorry with some chocolate… Well not that I am easily bribed by chocolate but on this occasion it has worked. Its little things like this that makes you feel like they have listened and understand.

It’s nice to finally be with a bank that seems to care! That one move has made me say bye bye club lloyds… Hello Starling for my primary account. And its nice to see that Starling are allowing its community to part of its evolution.

Thanks again guys for listening…


Thanks for this @Deano. Your response means a lot to us and we’re delighted to have you here!


I’m pretty used to payments declining to a lesser extent as with my legacy bank they sometimes do a card check on both contactless and to a lesser extent Android Pay payments.

I also work in retail and know that cards can go wrong and networks go down for a multitude of reasons and no one really passes any judgement if a card doesn’t work. (Honestly most of the time with us at work we blame our connection or card terminal.)

As for the gesture it’s really nice of Starling and does go to show just how good their customer support really is. I’ve only had to reach out to them a couple of times and each time I’ve been most impressed.

Also from looking at comments from Starling in this thread: Processing Starling are taking the recent downtime incredibly seriously and are handling this very well.

Overall I’m most impressed with my experience with Starling so far. :grinning:


Starling are a breath of fresh air. Legacy banks have largely had their day. A few have a good customer experience, but many have been dreadful and lazy for years.

Now Starling have appeared on the scene and seem to genuinely care and offer a great service whenever you need them. You can never underestimate good service.

I look forward to moving over to Starling in the near future, and currently run this account alongside my legacy bank. Overseas spending will be a great saving on my next holiday, no more spending plus 2.99% for the privilege of spending my own money!!


I’ve been using Starling as my main account for almost 3 months, having switched my FD account over after just 1 week. I’ve loved every minute of it, apart from the aforementioned spat about turning off notifications.

I didn’t get a card or chocolates though :joy:


Well played Colin. I’m fully signed up too. No qualms, just kind of excited for some strange reason.

Your chocolates were really nice, by the way. :chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:


It’s been almost 3 months for me as well. I couldn’t be happier. :slight_smile:


I have been here almost 3 months too I think. Starling is my sole bank account as well.


I can feel a whole new Badge coming on…:sunglasses:


This is awesome to hear! :grin:


It is 3 months for me - looked it up May 15th.


:clap::clap: And it was nice to meet you today @AshleyQuint.

Keep an eye on our blog for a piece that Ashley has helped us with.


Opened account May 10th and my first transaction was May 15th :smile:


Exactly the same as you @Joe_Merriman - opened and funded my account on 10th May, and first debit card transaction made on 15th May.

I also switched two current accounts overnight on 10th/11th May: one of those switches went absolutely perfectly. The other switch didn’t go well - we had all sorts of issues. But what mattered to me was the way the whole Starling team persevered, they kept in touch with me, were polite and friendly throughout, and got it all sorted in the end. To be honest, I expected problems - because Starling was very new back then, and the switching service was very new to them too - and as I work in IT, things rarely go according to plan all the time.

It was also most unexpected in this day and age, but I received a card and some chocolates from @anne when things were settled. Definitely a case of “finally: a bank that cares”.


Thats making me hungry! I have been using my debit card, but not started the switch yet. A part of me hopes it doesn’t go smoothly so I can have some of that chocolate!


I’m very new but I must say I’m very impressed with customer support already. No being stuck on hold for ages or going through 37 options before talking to a human. Hurray. :slight_smile:

Currently using Starling to manage disposable income but I may consider a full switch further down the line.


That’s great to hear. Thanks Mark! :smiley:


I was on the fence too, another problem with the TSB app and no mention of an API for open banking was the final straw. I’ll be fully switched over on the 13th. :grin:


This reminds me of Ryanair trying to pay bloggers to write positive stories about them during their flight cancellation fiasco. :neutral_face:

If I turn off my cynicism for a moment, that’s a nice gesture from Starling.


I’ve never actually spoken to anyone on the phone as I’ve found the in-app chat enough for me to not need to but glad to hear that the telephone support is just as responsive, in terms of wait time, as the in-app chat!