Feedback: Starling is responsible for


…dragging me into the 21st century :grinning:
Prior to joining Starling 2 months ago I was a middle aged technophobe who had only recently got a smartphone, didn’t like many apps,refused to use a contactless card (witchcraft!),used cash for almost everything and had little savings envelopes stashed around the house.
No more…!
Instantly blown away by Starlings app and love,love,love the instant notifications and the goals feature nailed it for me.
I’m very proud to announce that I even used Android Pay for the first time a couple of days ago.
I’m laid back about the odd problem that occurs and love the direction the bank seems to be going in.
An instant round up feature going forward would be a dream for me…
I’m not getting a fitbit though…:wink:


Great endorsement @DoubleSocks. A good demographic spread here, so you ain’t alone. :grinning:


@DoubleSocks is responsible for…

Nearly giving me a heart attack thinking something was wrong!

Glad to hear that Starling is working out for you!


I thought it was going to be another one of “those” threads :open_mouth:


Welcome @doubleSocks , your story is AWESOME! :slight_smile:

I’m curious to hear how you found us and what convinced you to say, “Yes, I will give this a go.” (Although if I’m being too nosey, please do kindly tell me to bog off… :stuck_out_tongue: )


Welcome and glad you’re enjoying Starling!


(Blimey, I didn’t know contactless amounted to witchcraft, though :scream:).


… closing threads with no explanation (update on today’s card thread). Yes I know it was yesterday. Should start a subreddit😉


Trying to think of services I use where there isn’t a “shop” involved and it’s all app/web based.

giffgaff - phone
Bulb - energy
Starling - bank (not full switch)

Really need someone to do car insurance. That industry needs a shake up.


NOT A RECOMMENDATION, just an observation. App based car insurance.


Looks very expensive to me. Quoted me approx £38 for the subscription and then £40.40 per month for driving 40 hours. Works out at approx £518. I get full insurance, drive as much as I like for around £200.



I posted the link to show the previous contributor that there is a firm doing app-based car insurance. The nature of motor insurance is that short-term cover will always be disproportionately more expensive than purchasing an annual policy, as you have illustrated.


:wave: welcome @DoubleSocks cool story I’m glad you like starling, there’s a mixed bunch of people here good to know Starling appeals to different age groups too :laughing:


Yes I read not a recommendation. Look at my post as an example to save lots of others clicking through and potentially wasting their time.


Yep. I’d already covered that, mate. :roll_eyes:


Did you? Perhaps in your reply to my example but not in your original post about Cuvva


I’m sensing a lot of pickiness and hostility in this community. And that’s a shame. I was trying to help the previous contributor.

The original poster suggested there should be app-based insurance. I showed it’s already a thing, without recommendation, for the reasons you’ve outlined.

We’re in agreement but you still have a problem with my post. :neutral_face:


Lol. I posted an example saying in my instance it was not competitive for me and you came back highlighting again it was not a recommendation as if I hadn’t read it. Who was being picky/hostile as you put it? Not to mention your rolling eyes.


My link was an observation. Thank you for your observation, @Brian.


And thank you for the link :grinning: