Feedback: Phone support


Hi all,

I’ve finally found a bank with decent phone support. I rang in around 12:40 today to let Starling know that someone at HSBC has royally figured a direct debit, sending the mandate to the wrong Starling account.

Didn’t catch the name of the chap I spoke to, but he was very cheerful, very knowledgeable and understanding.

He very quickly took my details, asked me about the payments and said he would pass it upwards. All done within 7 minutes… it took me that long to sit on hold to HSBC, and then another 15 minutes before they’d realised their mistake, and corrected the payment.

I liked the security check too, just asking for details from the ID I used to sign up, no faffing around typing card numbers into phone keypads etc.

Overall, very very pleased.



PS. If anyone has a payment of around £180 taken via direct debit out from their Starling… blame HSBC.


Great to hear that Starling’s so on the ball. :slight_smile: I’ve only ever called Starling in the past to ask a few questions; (which was quick, easy and pleasant) so it’s good to see they can sort out such a complex issue in such little time. :smile:


I went back to in app support this evening to give them the account number that accidentally had a £180 direct debit slapped on it, that was good too.


Agree, good to hear that starling are great on the phone, only rang the once when the app locked me out again very quick and painless :pray:, I must admit I LOVE the fact I can basically text them (well sort of through their live chat on our apps) and then when people ask what I’m doing, and I reply speaking to my bank :wink: raises so many questions in Work I love how tech savvy we are as customers and of course how tech savvy starling is - keep up the good work :+1: