Feedback: Losing a little confidence


Hi there,

I’ve recently started using Starling as my main account, on a trail basis to see how day-to-day functionality works before moving DDs/SOs over.

However, in just over a week, and around 20 transactions, I’ve had to raise two of these with support. Neither time the response has filled me with much confidence.

On the first, I had been making transfers/paying bills and I noticed some days later that despite making 3 payments to the same account over three different days, the middle transaction (day 2) never appeared in the receiving account. The others had both arrived almost instantly.

Now this was a transfer to myself, so it wasn’t overly critical, but had this been a payment to a credit card provider or other utility bill, I was at risk of default.

My issue here is that support have given an explanation of sorts (“technical issue”) and are looking into it. And also, they couldn’t give any real commitment that this wouldn’t happen again. What if next time I’m not as lucky and a payment to a service supplier fails and Starling doesn’t notify me before I technically default?

The second issue I experienced is with a refund into my account titled “Wirecard Solutions”. I contacted support and, again, they couldn’t tell me what this is. And instead insinuated I should contact Wirecard directly to find out. To be honest, I don’t think this is acceptable. I have no direct contractual relationship with Wirecard, it’s Starling who use them as their processing back-end so I would have assumed that if anyone was to look into this, Starling would. The CS assistant took this onboard when I reiterated the previous issue with the failed payment but in gereral I wasn’t impressed with the level of support I received in this instance. Without naming a d shaming, if Starling reps read this I would be happy for you to contact me directly to discuss this.

All in all, it really as my title says. I appreciate Starling is in beta and that mistakes can sometimes happen but the responses I have received to the 2 I have encountered over the past few days have really knocked my confidence in the service (including support) being provided.

I’ve tried to be as constructive and detailed as I can with this, but at the end of the day I’m entrusting Starling to keep my funds safe and I can’t help but feel a little let down thus far.


Hi Jesper

You’ve raised your points clearly and, despite the uncertainty, in measured fashion.

I’m surprised at your experience and I’m sure others here will share my view. I’ve no doubt @JamesPratley and Co will want to review your circumstances and hopefully reassure you rather more than you are right now.


I think you have made valid points in both there and would hope that @JamesPratley can help look into these and have done resolutions. I am bit shocked at the customer service response you received.


With regards to your refund from Wirecard Solutions, Starling don’t use Wirecard as they are a white label prepaid card provider and payment processor.

Starling use GPS for their payment processing, hence they have told you to go back to Wirecard, as it sounds like a merchant you have paid, has refunded you via WireCard, possibly by batch refund hence the random merchant name.


Yes I agree, it is not acceptable. I’ve spoken to some really good customer service people at Starling and found they took my concerns seriously and auctioned quickly and when necessary, given me feedback a day or two later but I have also spoken to others who seem to only give lip service and don’t seem to care too much, as after Ive spoken to them the same errors on my account remain, until I either mention them on here or speak to someone else at CS, then they get actioned. As the original post said, I know they are in Beta and I’m sure they are busy but customer service is paramount, especially for a start up and I’ve found it lacking in some areas.


As others have said, I appreciate it’s in Beta, and expect the odd bump in the road. And on the whole, I’m really excited/enthusiastic about the direction things are moving. But I have found it all a bit laborious of late. Having to chase up literally every transaction because of incorrect/missing merchant info is starting to wear a little thin. :pensive:

I’m really hoping we get an update soon that somewhat alleviates these issues :crossed_fingers:


My sentiments exactly and having to report every single transaction to get them fixed is getting to be a chore as well as the ATM issues and slow to load app transactions. I don’t want to compare, but I honestly did not have these issues with Monzo when I first started using them and I’ve been with them since they were Mondo!


I think a post from Starling is needed on this thread to provide some reassurance…

Also, I would very much hope that Jesper has been contacted directly by now.


I felt similar about my experience of an auth not showing. Initially when I pushed that i thought it shouldn’t be me checking I just got ‘is there anything else i can help you with’ a couple of times which was pretty dismissive. Eventually the person did say they’d raise it with the payments team but not before fobbing me off to the retailer first.

I since had another reply after i responded on here. Starling said they had received an authorisation (nothing about why they didnt do anything with it) and then just randomly quoting the retailer terms and conditions and other irrelevant points. I’ve replied a few days back and had nothing since.

Its not that there’s an issue that bothers me - i’m only raising so they can do something with it and it can improve in future. But if you end up feeling like nobody is interested it leaves you thinking why bother.

I’ve found the last few weeks using starling frustrating.


The missing merchant info is something it seems customers like and want and something that Starling has yet to perfect.

I prefer the way Monzo does it. An easy way to report in app with rapid corrections and updates.

Starling is only getting feedback from a small proportion of its customers: those that have registered here.

Maybe it’s not a priority for Starling? Maybe they are working on other things?

Personally, I like having the info and it gives a more polished user interface and a better user experience.

Having info not there, appearing but wrong, appearing corrected and then, later, disappearing altogether is less than ideal.

It depends on what you place importance.


Hi Ben,

I was contacted directly a couple of hours ago. Support has provided me with an email address to contact Wirecard. Which is fair enough I guess.

In term of the issue of the failed payment, I haven’t received any updates on that (that wasn’t the issue today, so I never really expected to) however I still don’t feel fully satisfied, nor comfortable, that this won’t happen again. And if it does, the likelihood I’ll spot it if the payment is not to another of my own accounts.

It was good to read others’ responses on this today. In general I like the Starling app, I like the tech behind it and until this week I felt support was a high standard too. As I said, I appreciate issues will arise on a new service like this but it’s the responses provided, and action taken, to these that make or break confidence in a product. The safe holding of my funds and ability of the app to do what I ask it (ie transfer funds successfully) is paramount.

As I said, I do very much like the product on offer and I’m willing to persevere in the short term in the hope I don’t see these issues arising again.


I’m glad Starling have contacted you directly to assist.

It was the missing payment you reported which was of most concern. The WireCard issue sounded more like a misunderstanding, and not a Starling problem.

If it gives you any comfort, I have made hundreds of payments so far (mixture of DD, SO, FP) and all have been successful. I think perhaps you have been very, very unlucky.

Please bear with Starling, I’m confident they will impress you in the long term. :slight_smile:


I think having the correct icons and merchant info is an integral part of the user interface and the whole Starling thing. Having missing icons and info/maps not updated is becoming increasingly annoying for me - It’s easy to forget it’s still in beta though and we took it on knowing this.


I think it’s pretty important to get the merchant location info right, especially seeing as we can’t see the raw transaction details in-app yet, or add custom notes to a transaction. It makes collating work expenses a little trickier.


I do agree.


It’s worth noting that Starling has acknowledged the importance of getting the merchant ID right and that it’s important work in progress.