Feedback for managing payees



Managing a payee is a little painful, due to the way it asks for a password with any action within payee management.

Here was my user journey:

  • Add a new payee, enter account password
  • Make a payment, payment is declined because details were incorrect.
  • Get new details, go to payee > edit payee
  • Try to edit existing bank details on payee, unable to but it’s not made clear why
  • Try to delete account details on existing payee, but unable to work out how
  • Consider deleting payee, but decide not to, instead choose to add account
  • Add new account details, asked to enter account password
  • Notice old account details are the “starred” account details, click on the star next to the new account details, asked to enter account password
  • Try to swipe left on old account details to delete, unable to
  • Click on old account details, choose “delete account”, and asked to enter account password

I think it’s a little aggressive in the number of times it asks for the password here. I’m not actually sending or transferring any money, so at the point of just adding a payee I was surprised to be asked for the password for every edit-based interaction, even starring an account.
I would have expected, like sudo on a computer, perhaps you’re asked for your password within a given timeframe, re-authentication is required after 5 minutes or whatnot. Or perhaps FaceID/TouchID is used for some of these authorisations, or the password is required just at the point you make your first actual transaction to them.

Hope this feedback is helpful.