Feedback after switching to Starling


I started out the year using Monzo, but decided to sign up for a Starling account to compare the two accounts/services. So far I am very happy with what Starling have to offer but I have some general observations/feedback I wanted to share. Obviously feedback is welcome, and apologies for the monolithic thread

Goal suggestions

I know some of these have been suggested elsewhere, but figured I’d add my two cents and express my interest in the feature.

Re-arrange Goals

I have a number of Goals set up currently and I find that if I add a new goal for something SUPER IMPORTANT I would like to be able to sort that to the top of my goal list. On the other hand, I’d also like to be able to sort my goals by the order in which I want to trickle money into manually at the end of the month.

Nominated Goal for Interest Payments

It would be nice if you could open a goal and have an option for “Pay interest here”. Obviously you would only be able to have this enable for one Goal, but it saves me having to manually move the interest payments into my Savings goal each month. Alternately a separate option in the app to choose which goal to put it in, rather than adding it to the goal UI.

Cache Goal Images

It’s a little disappointing when you open your goal screen to see there are no backgrounds and then to have them load in one by one. The behaviour suggests that they are being pulled from somewhere and rendered, would it be possible to have these also cached on the device locally so there’s little to no delay with rendering them?

Goal Ledger/Transaction List

For visibility etc, I’d like to be able to see a history of what I put into/took out of a goal, rather than looking at its overall value. I know these are displayed in the main feed, but they can get lost pretty easy - If there’s a way of viewing this that I’m not aware of - let me know :slight_smile:

Goal Pay in/target improvement

Whilst casually looking around at other FinTech recently, I noticed a company called “Simple” which have an interesting way of saving into Goals. Starling’s offerings are great, but I’d like to be able to set a Target value and a target date and have starling automatically work out what amount needs to go in every day/week/month to meet the target. This would be a little different than me setting up a “standing order” of sorts to pay x amount in, but rather it works it out automatically…

For example, if I want £1000 in 12 months for a Holiday, I set a target date as 12 months from now, with a target of £1000 and it’d work out that I need to put in ~£2.70 per day to meet my goal.


General feedback for notifications

Refund notifications

I recently had a refund from a merchant, but I had no notification it had happened. The only reason I knew about it was the fact it was in my feed and I had more money than I expected.

Suppress Notifications from Merchants

I have a regular (weekly) direct debit for Moneybox. I use Moneybox at the moment for the “save the change” feature and I’d like to be able to just forget about it completely and have money build up. It’d be nice if I could disable notifications for specific merchants whilst still having it in my feed obviously.


General stuff

Cache Merchant Icons

Similar to my comment about goal backgrounds - When opening the spending screen, merchant icons dont display instantly. Would be nice if these were cached locally or otherwise loaded quickly

Persistent Category Change

As mentioned above, I use Moneybox. Every transaction gets classified as “General”, which I have to keep changing myself to “Savings”. Monzo seem to remember the last manual category I used and keep that moving forward… Having something similar in Starling would be nice.

Multiple entries in Pulse

I’ve noticed that in the “Spent Today” pulse graph, if you have multiple transactions at a single merchant, they show up separately. Would it not be clearer to merge these into one entry so you can see you’ve spent £30 at Asda, rather than £5.99 at Asda, £2.50 at Asda, £4 at Asda, £11.91 at Asda and £5.60 at Asda? :slight_smile:


And finally, Bugs!

Spending screen

If you open the Spending screen and select “Merchants”; If you scroll to the bottom of the screen and then back to the top - the progress bar seems to re-animate as if the page had been opened for the first time. In my data for January, only the top one does this, but so far in February, the top 3 do. Im not sure if this is correct behaviour or not


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