Feature request: improvements to status & service notifications



Having been a customer for a few weeks now I have some specific requests around how the app reflects status notifications and customer service interaction.

  1. When there is a change to service status (planned or real-time), a push notification would be good. When I opened the app just now I saw very clearly the warning about a loss of service on Sunday night, and the service status icon on the pulse screen - but it would have been helpful to get a push notification of this in case I hadn’t opened the app.

  2. Could you please implement a status indicator in the app for each customer service interaction? (e.g. “Under investigation”, “Resolved”) I would like to be able to check at a glance which open tickets I have so I can follow up on them (and make sure they haven’t been marked as closed without me knowing).

  3. Could you please implement a way to give titles in the app (preferably self-chosen) to customer service interactions? I have a list of references with categories (“Switching service”, “Card enquiry”, “Feedback”) but no easy way to recall what each one was about if I wanted to check one in particular.

Lastly, I’d really like deep linking of push notifications to the actual customer service chat/status item, but I believe that’s already on your to do list based on something Sarah mentioned elsewhere.



Hey @MattK, nice points here.

  1. We have used pushed notifications in the past. We’ve had some feedback recently and are working on improving them.

  2. This is a good idea - we’ll explore how to do this. At this stage it shows as solved/closed once you click in to the message.

  3. When you message us in app (as opposed to chat), then you get to select the title. For chat, the CS team can edit it, but is not possible to edit from your perspective.

  4. Yes, agreed with deep linking. We have a few ideas for notifications, and this one’s ont here.

Thanks for sharing, and have a nice weekend.


Thanks Patrick.

On 2, where do I see this? If I click into my chats they either show no status (does this mean open?) or “Your chat ended” (does this mean resolved?). Might be worth tweaking the wording as well as making it visible on the overall list of chats/messages.

Thanks again.


Correct. If there’s no status, if gives you the option to Reply.

“Your chat ended” is the equivalent of solved.

Will certainly explore how we can tweak this.