Feature request - be able to multiple select and delete payees


I’m in the process of switching to Starling; my switch date is tomorrow.

This morning, my payees appeared. Normally this would be a good thing, but actually, I have way too many, most of them are redundant from years ago, and I was quite happy to just start with a clean slate and manually enter in the ones I want to retain.

So I figured I’d delete all or most of the ones that have transferred and start afresh.

Unfortunately, you can only delete them one by one, and annoyingly, it is asking for my Starling password for every single one! This makes the whole process actually a huge pain.

Ideally, I could multiple select payees and choose edit -> delete then enter my password (ask me twice, if you like, to make sure) and then they’d be gone.

Or, just don’t ask me the password for another 15 minutes, although this would still be quite a tedious way

Finally, I asked in the customer support chat if they could delete my payees but was told this isn’t possible which was disappointing. Surely you have access to our data via tools etc and can do something like this?

Now I wish I’d deleted them from my old bank (it’s easier) before switching.

So this is just some feedback from someone switching from another bank that I’ve had for a very long time and found this step of the process less than satisfactory.


I gave exactly the same feedback last week. Very annoying to have to enter my password multiple times (or at all considering I’d logged in with my fingerprint).


Also, it’s not helped by the fact that many of my payees have come across duplicated, or triplicated or quadruplicated in a couple of cases!

I’m down to ‘S’ now :smiley: