Favourite Starling Feature and why?


Evening Everyone,

What’s everyones favourite and why?

it’s still spending insights for me, as I can see exactly where my money is going :slight_smile:


I may be a bit behind the curve on this one, but in all honesty?

Instant notifications is still a blast for me.


Instant notifications are :ok_hand: @Graham


Instant notifications and payments showing on my account.


Card controls are up there as well


Oh yeah. Isn’t it great when you forget you’ve set a control - try to use your card - fail - panic - then breathe a sigh of relief. :grinning:


Or, you try to use your card, fail, panic, realise it’s unlocked, panic again - (out)rage!


I don’t think it’s a feature, but probably the fact I feel I have a say on things and have a voice to where the product is going.

No other bank has done this to this level in my knowledge. :slight_smile:


Could not agree more


For me it’s instant notifications, and the fact that I have to log into the app each time


Android Pay for me.

What does everyone find great about the instant notifications? Is it novelty factor, or is there a good functional use for them that people have? My phone just goes off in pocket with them, but I’m standing paying/withdrawing cash at the time so I know I’m using my card. It’s a cool feature, but I don’t see the functional use.


Oh yeah, how could I forget…Apple Pay :+1:


Peace of mind that some toerag is not using my card and if he/she is I want to know about it right away! :stuck_out_tongue:


For me it has to be savings goals, it’s allowed me to get rid of lots of little savings accounts that were just there for budgeting needs. In the future having DDs and SOs from goals will meet even more needs and there will be even less need for legacy bank accounts.


The CASS is pretty decent… let’s not forget how big this feature is - most banks use paper processed by humans in the office :slight_smile:



Haven’t heard that for years.:joy:


Well, the word I would want to use is a little more harsh and probably not suitable for such a classy establishment as this. :wink:


Know what you mean - and I’m sure I’ve met him as well :flushed:


Fitbit Pay would be my favourite feature…:):grin:

Seriously though - at the moment it’s the instant updates to my account. No more scary Monday morning where the overspend from Friday night hits my bank account…

Second favourite at the moment - although potentially number one if they develop it as it’s been suggested on these boards and as they’ve alluded to how their working on them is Savings Goals.


I still love instant notifications, the other features are good, but the fact on a night out I can see exactly what I’m spending straight away is a good thing, without needing to open an app.