Faster payment limit


Just saw this new faq

Now I don’t have that much money to transfer anywhere at the moment but given the faster payment limit is £250,000 why is this set so low?

If you do need to transfer more than £25000 how can this be done and how much are Starling charging for it?


I believe the limit is what you’re able to do without intervention from Starling. If you need to send a higher amount, then Customer Services should be able to action that.


I understand from faster payment is the limit of £250000 is without intervention. Santander appear to allow £100000.

It may have been an old article I read but it mentioned the £25k limit(for banks with that limit) and then traditional banks would charge £25/£30 for CHAPS.


The limit is dependent on the bank not on the scheme rules. The scheme rules are £250,000 is the maximum, there is only a very few banks that offer up to that limit without you having to contact your bank.

With Starling if you need to send more than £25,000 you just contact them and they can sort that out for you.


Thanks. Understand it’s bank dependent. Do starling charge when contacted or just temporarily up your limit?


There is no charge to send your own money to someone.

They do not actually up your limit, they just send the payment for you from your account funds.