FAQs within Starling App


I found this bit annoying that Starling Android App has no FAQs. I think this should have been baked in with the initial release. Starling, please bring this with next planned update.

Accessing FAQs

Nice suggestion - I’ve passed this one to the team :slight_smile:


Hi @Ali

So silly of me… Guess what? We already have FAQs in app! They’re in the Customer Service area. :slight_smile:


Not for me @JamesPratley (I am on Android)

I only see chat option.


Not here in iOS either


Click on Get In Touch - You then get access to the FAQs Interestingly, there weren’t any shown when I first looked but were when I clicked again.

Perhaps there needs to be an FAQ on how to find the FAQs :wink:


Perhaps it could be under the main side bar menu along with the link to this community :slight_smile:


Noted! :memo:


This one is on our roadmap. We have some updates planned to the more menu/account sections which will help make things like the FAQs more discoverable. We agree with you!


An in-app link to this community would also be appreciated. Community is actively making suggestions and coming up with new ideas and it will be useful to have a place for this somewhere along FAQs


Do you think that the FAQ’s are in the right area? Fair enough under customer service, but having to click in ‘Get in Touch’. Why would they be hidden under this heading?

Accessing FAQs
Cash Withdrawals & Deposits at the Post Office

Do you think it should remain under Customer Service but then be above the get in touch option? So it would sit with your previous messages to customer services?


That would be good


@LoganAllan definitely under Customer Services but not sure where exactly. Just checked a few online sites to see where they have theirs. John Lewis and Boots have their FAQs under CS but not buried under Contact Us heading.


@LoganAllan just looked at this again. I now see why the FAQ are where they are.

A suggestion - currently when you open ‘Customer Service’ the first thing you’re greeted with is the list of previous conversations with CS. Why doesn’t just open this screen:

This screen could have a separate section for contact history or something. I feel like the previous customer service conversations are taken with too much importance. This would prevent having to click in to ‘get in touch’ to access FAQs if this makes sense.


That is a great suggestion!

I’m going to tag the product team to take a look as well :smiley:

@kjersti.larsen @sarah.guha



Your Fitbit Pay FAQ needs tweaking to reflect support for Fitbit versa.


@JamesPratley Can you ensure this is with the relevant team, I like all FAQs to be up-to-date :slight_smile: Fitbit pay is also supported on the versa. Cheers.


Thanks Joe - great minds. These are currently under review by the team as we improve how we manage our FAQs on the website and the app. I’m adding @Harry to make sure this feedback about Fitbit Pay is updated.


Thanks Sarah, I really like Fitbit Pay me and my wife Sarah both use it all the time on Fitbit versa :slight_smile: