FAQs - an idea 😁


The feature list is growing, the customer base is about to blossom (it’s already growing visibly) and forum members are, time and again, asking questions, yet wondering if the questions been answered elsewhere.

How about creating a FAQ facility which answers just that?

The forum clearly has a number (adding growing weekly) of articulate and clued-up members who would surely be willing to assist @JamesPratley in his mission to get the best out of the forum.

Authors could submit context for editing. I’m sure folk will be quick to produce s list of important topics which could kick-start the reference library.

Just a thought…


Sounds like a great idea to m would help new people find the answers rather than Wade through.


Could there be a pinned wiki style article at the top of the forum…?


Yes. I’d really like to see this kicked around, but with today bring update-day, it’s bad timing. :smirk:


Hey! Sorry for the slow response on this one… I was working on this yesterday.

How’s this?

I also recommend this one too, for tips on how to use the forum features: