Fancy a Black Friday Bonus? 🎁


Hey folks! :raising_hand_man:t2:

We’re aware that many of you have already collected 5 hearts on the Invite to Starling page in the app and we’re thrilled that you’ve been sharing the Starling love. So, today we have something pretty exciting to say thanks…

On Black Friday & Cyber Monday you can earn 10% cash back on your online shopping (up to a total of £25) with Starling.

Not quite there yet? No worries - just invite one person to join Starling with your unique referral code and once they sign up you’ll both be eligible.

Get the full details here!

All the best and happy shopping,
Team Starling!

✅ Sneak Peek: Invite Friends to Starling

So this is an offer aimed at people that have invited 5 others. This is discrimination against those that don’t have 5 friends which to invite or those that are happy with starling but don’t buy into referrals. I’m in the latter.

I’m not interested in the offer but I think it should be everyone or no one.


Or aimed at anyone who invites 1 person during the promotional period. They don’t have to offer us anything so maybe see it as a nice thing rather than a slight on those who do not wish to refer. No one is losing anything and some will gain.


Don’t offer anything and get customers by the quality of the product not by referring someone new to get not much. Would referring someone who never uses the product help Starlings business , I wouldn’t think so.


Starling has form for excluding customers. Many couldn’t enter their competition for an Android phone because iOS.


Hi @JamesPratley, I’ve had a look at the offer and I think I’ve worked out the terms and conditions. It is a little less than straightforward, though.

I’m thinking this is an opportunity to encourage my wife to try Starling.

I have already referred five people (I’ve got the t-shirt :wink::+1:) so I qualify already, yes?

…except when I look at the app, it’s saying I have no referrals. ( )

…this is how it looked on 03/10/17:

So do I qualify for having referred five people or do I not qualify as I have no referral hearts? :thinking:


She said she’d give Starling a go. She:

:white_check_mark: Installed the app
:white_check_mark: Used my referral code in the sign up
:white_check_mark: Credited her account with £300

:x: I checked my account and it does not register that I’ve referred her. No glowing :purple_heart:

This is not a great user experience. Does either of us qualify? I think we should. Starling appears to think otherwise.


So I’m a customer before 1st November, have funded my account by more than £50 previously, but not referred anyone, and I’m not likely to refer anyone.

So just a plain old customer, am I reading it right I don’t get anything from this offer?

I was a little confused by the offer, it didn’t seem very ‘Starling’? But I understand that someone will snap it up.


Good old legacy bank type offer. Make it confusing for customers but still get them talking about it.
Good on you Starling :wink:


Would have been better to open this to all customers…


Yes, on the one hand earlier this week there was a terrific piece about the difference between Starling and legacy. Then this?

Hard to imagine they’ve come from the same company. A nice try, but for me a bit disappointing and very un-Starling like.

Shame as I was so impressed with the Twitter piece and thought that this was the right move for me.


Confirmation from Starling customer support that their referral process is broken. (For me, at least)

Anyone trying to fathom their offer to take advantage of it, watch the referral like a hawk to check it works!


That’s exactly what I was thinking, been a customer since May and just don’t know anyone who is interested in joining so I can’t qualify… a more than a little disappointed.


Hi everyone…

I just wanted to confirm that if you’ve reached 5 hearts previously and then asked for your hearts to be reset to 0, you are still eligible for the Black Friday & Cyber Monday cash back! :+1:

Also, if you think the wrong referral code has been entered then please get in touch with our customer service team! :slight_smile:


  • I did refer five people.
  • I never asked for my referral count to be reset but it was
  • I know that the correct referral code was used but it appears not to have worked
  • Customer Service will not answer if it worked
  • For a time they refused to discuss the matter with either my wife or myself saying the other must get in touch
  • There is still no resolution
  • I suspect your referral system may have bugs in it

Solution :x:


Yes have to say this offer disappointed me too - and you know how enthusiastic I always am about Starling!


I agree this offer to get new sign up’s is off. Was a confusing message. I have not been with this bank long and promotions like this threw me off a bit. While I understand promotions and Starling can do what they want would have been nice to think of those who can’t refer someone at present but signed up before the deadline.


Not impressed at all by this offer. Think all Customers should be treated equally. After recommending Starling to a number of people I’m rethinking my own use.


I thought the offer was OK but reading the terms was a bit legalistic. Something simpler in “plain English campaign” style would have been clearer and hence more appealing


It led existing (loyal) customers to get nothing as I read it?

I didn’t seem to fit any of the criteria for the money off. Plus by that time I’d also lost interest in what sites I could then purchase from (not this, nothing linked to the military?).

Just an odd offer from Starling I thought. Still if someone can get the money off good luck to them.

It’s just not a deal/gimmick I would think a classier bank would do. I’d not be expecting the same from Handelsbanken and the like.