Family/Kids Accounts with Multiple Cards


I’m 99.9% sure this has been discussed but couldn’t find anything in a search but would it be possible to have an Account that you can authorise the use of Multiple cards, a bit like the way Apple handle Family iTunes/iCloud accounts.

E.g. We have the main account as it is but in the App you link a card for other family members and set a limit to what they can use.

Like your child going on a school trip, you can authorise that card to access £20 of your account balance.

So those cards don’t actually hold any money but are used as a gateway to your main account.

Not sure if I explained that very well? lol

Under 18's Accounts
Children (sub)accounts
Joint & Connected Accounts
Under 18's Accounts

I think I’ve seen it mentioned that Starling are looking at ‘linked’ accounts moving forward rather than for example joint accounts.


I think that would be the best idea.

I was looking for a Joint account but an account with linked cards makes more sense.

I’d rather not see accounts that can be linked as my children wouldn’t be old enough to have their own hence “Floating Cards” with no balance but can access a “Parents account” with a set value :+1:t2:


With regards to children’s accounts, I believe Starling have stated their intention to launch specific under 18 accounts that will have parental controls and will morph into a standard account at a set time.

For me, multiple card accounts don’t really feel ok. It’s my bank account and, because it’s a full current account, linked to my credit file, therefore I want to be the only one with access. Joint accounts obviously are different as there are multiple credit files linked into the account, but multiple cards linked to one single account just don’t sit right with me.


But the additional cards are useless without your say so. You will activate and deactivate as an when you see fit.

You can let family members have full access to funds or partial access.

No reason for you to not feel ok. :slight_smile:

Would work a bit like a pre-paid gift card that you have full control over.


That’s fair enough, and I guess, like any feature, you’re free not to use it if you don’t want to, however, I do feel that the current roadmap of joint/linked accounts and youth accounts is, in my opinion, a better solution with everyone having their own account, and their own card. Making payments between accounts is just so damned easy that why not let everyone have their own account.

In regards to control, the youth account that has been spoken about has full parental controls, but also all the benefits of a full current account.


Having kids with their own accounts doesn’t seem as seamless as controlling funds and cards from a single app.

Imagine your kids out with grandparents and they want to buy something. A quick call to you and you can activate the card and allow access to your account for say, £20. They spend £17.50 on a toy and the remaining balance filters back into your account and the card become “dumb” again.


This is interesting to hear! As @Bmacrow mentions, under 18s accounts are on our roadmap, as are connected accounts. Keep the feedback coming. :slight_smile:


i would love this for my kid. hes only 6 and my parents thinks its mad to give him a debit card but i disagree, we’re entering a new cashless world and i want him to be responsible financially (as I consider myself)

so if you ever do it and want a guinea pig… :smiley:


Not sure but maybe the regulator would veto issue of debit cards to minors below a certain age ?


I’d love a cashcard account for my children. They are given cheques at Christmas & birthday in their name, and I give them pocket money. The only accounts open to under-12s are trust funds or pass book accounts where they have to travel miles to a bank in the nearest large town to get out a tenner! I’ve set up too savings account with cash cards in my name and they are nominally my children’s. Doesn’t solve the cheque problem though!


I’ve done this for my children with Pockit - 99p for the initial card, then 99p to add upto 3 more seperate balance cards. We use it to transfer pocket money over, as never have cash to hand & it’s tempting to ‘borrow’ some if it’s in the cupboard! Not got the restrictions of Osper, GoHenry etc… but no ongoing costs.


I like that you’re all coming around to the idea :slight_smile:

I think it’s features like this which will make people move over to Starling


I saw a Facebook add for gohenry but they want £2 a month for the account…my kid is 6…I’m not tight or anything butn£2 seems high no?


Very high. Should be free, but if you have to have a fee it should be £1 max.


@lozfromcorby @Dotunmo You’ll be shocked to hear it’s now £2.99 a month for GoHenry! I was looking them all up when this thread started to offer alternatives and noticed that only people registered before 18th January 2016 have the ‘grandfathered’ £1.97 plan!


I posted this on another thread, though my comments were based on a savings account I have, which Starling don’t offer. The logic, I think, is still there:

Not sure if Starling do tiered interest. I had a savings account with another bank some time ago. They allowed friends and family to open individual accounts up to a certain number. The accounts were independent from each other, but were under the same umbrella when it came to interest. The total combined balance determined what tier toynfell into for interest. These were savings accounts though, and not a current account.


Id like to see Starling get into kids/under 18’s accounts asap. Never mind business banking, expand and improve the basics please.

I’d like to get my lad into Starling, he’ll thank me as he goes abroad a bit and would benefit massively from the decent free foreign spending.

Catch them early or the legacy banks will get their claws into them. He’s 16 turning 17 in December and a student at 6th form. The legacy banks will offer them various incentives to join so they stay with them when they start earning.

Let’s get these accounts sorted ASAP please.


Don’t have kids, but guess it could be good for them to have an account, with the parents being able to monitor spending.


I too think this is really important, and the product really lends itself to a generation who have grown up with smartphones.