Failed Credit to Starling Account


I’ve recently switched to Starling for all my current accounting needs and I’ve faced a major issue which it took several days to resolve.

My monthly salary didn’t make its way to my account and I checked with Starling a few times and was told no credit from my employer was received or rejected. My employer insisted that the credit had been made so I was caught in the middle. Two days later HR got back to informing me that a payment was made to account but Starling had requested my name and date of birth for verification. I ensured Starling were kept up to date with this information but it’s only once I chased another 2 days later did they confirm indeed that was the case and that future credit to my account would uninterrupted.

I expect their to be teething issues but one thing I did expect was a good level of customer service and the hope should something go wrong it would be put right as soon as possible. Luckily I had sufficient funds to meet my mortgage and other monthly payments.

Considering I’ve moved all my direct debits and banking needs over to Starling (maybe prematurely) I’ll stick with them until the Autumn updates, I’m really hoping to get a) Saving goals b) Spending at a glance functionality.

I do not expect support to have all the answers immediately but one thing I would expect would be to keep me abreast of their investigation. Seems like I did all the running around for Starling to confirm that they indeed themselves request this additional info.

I hope this is a one-off but not a good start.


I’m rather pleased I’ve held off moving from First Direct. Whilst I don’t get on with their app and their way of doing security, their customer service never fails to be excellent. It really does set it apart.

I only tried Starling because I’ve been waiting for Monzo. What I saw with Starling shows potential but it’s not ready yet.


I made the switch from FD which still has the best customer service but their over reliance on paper, inability to easily create and close savings account (medium term saving goals) and manual work-arounds due to their legacy systems was getting annoying after 5 years. An example; I can’t view my FD mortgage when I log-in to my FD account because it’s not connected to their “internet banking system”.

Anyway, I completely understand that issues will crop up as an early-ish adopter but when it’s related to large payments/salary you would like to think that would something that would work from day 1 without a hitch.


That’s not good. However I have been luckily and switched from NatWest several months ago to Starling as my account and all went smoothly with bank payment of wages and dds. I hope that you can get better customer services from Starling as reading this does concern me. Not for the problems or teething as the account is only in beta but the actual customer services.


Not for the rest of us, the detail, but this seems odd and, on the face of it, disappointing.

As @Gallifreyangirl says, this isn’t Starling CS as I know it.


@graham I know and this isn’t the first report I’ve heard of bad customer service with Starling recently.