Failed Cash Withdrawal


Tryed to withdraw cash at a machine I have used fine before and wouldn’t let me have the cash tried twice and twice said declined by the card issuer even tho ample funds in account


Make sure your cards not locked or specifically locked for ATM withdrawals.

I know this may be obvious but its a good start :slight_smile:


I did just that the other day. :flushed: Security sure works :grinning:


That’s the first thing I did when it failed the first time and all are switched on and after the cash machine used it in a shop and went through fine


Hi @Dudesuper1982 - Be great if you can log this with our CS team so we can look at your ATM withdrawal for you. We are not reporting any issues at the moment and so all ATM withdrawals we’d expect to work. Thanks.


Will do now @sarah.guha


Apparently it was due to the ATM taking longer than usual to connect to Starlings system