Face Recognition


If the new iPhone 8 has face recognition and no touch ID, how will this affect the Starling app?


I would imagine they would think about implementing this if it’s in the next Iphone.


I don’t think Apple would made it hard to developers to update their code to support ‘FaceID’

From the look at some implementation code for TouchID, it references biometrics rather than finger prints so maybe no code changes required at all :man_shrugging:t2:





Myself and a friend of mine has tried using two live photos of me taken on a iPhone to unlock the Atom app… I was so shocked when it worked. :frowning:


The Atom app is atrocious


I find it useable, but I don’t like it. I do find however with only having a static one year fixed account it’s pretty pointless though.


I was expecting that it would probably be that way to speed up adoption (not having to code anything). I would imagine that apps just wait for a “yes this is OK, no don’t let them in”.

Imagine if you bought your shiny new phone and restored a backup but you couldn’t get into any of your apps because there’s no fingerprint reader anymore!

That’s of course if you believe the rumours. I think a radically different phone is not going to happen as it should be the iPhone 7S this year based on their previous release cycles. Could of course be wrong!


Apple Pay relies on Touch ID, so Apple must have a viable working solution or their income stream will suffer. You never know they may have integrated Touch ID into the screen (fingers crossed )


The rumour is that TouchID is to be replaced with some sort of 3d faceprint type system (FaceID) which will provide the authentication TouchID used to, Samsung already allow iris recognition as an auth method for Samsung Pay so its definitely possible.

TouchID is an authentication method, so my guess (and this is purely speculation) is that the new ‘FaceID’ will just replace it and like others have said, it will require minimum code changes, as it will work as a variation of a Pass/Fail API callback.

I wouldn’t worry that that new iPhone is going to break the Starling Bank app at all :slight_smile:


Hopefully - they got it working with touchbar on mac pro so hopefully its on the screen.

Touch ID wont be going anywhere - they’ll still be producing at least the 7 and maybe the 6/6s too which will include it especially how well its been adopted.


Hasn’t someone broken face ID and also voice recognition rather easily? As in hacked it


The Leaked source code refers to ‘FaceID’ as pearl / pearl ID and it supports ApplePay so TouchID is not needed for ApplePay on those devices


Face recognition is certainly something we’ll look into with the iPhone X launching soon :slight_smile:

Face I.D switching off

Yes please!!!


Can we get some of the basic functional requests first?


Face ID should be an easy quick win as it uses the same scripting as existing Touch ID.


If the app uses Touch ID, then Face ID will just work.


It slightly concerns me that they don’t know that…


I’ll admit, it did surprise me. I’m not even a developer, just someone who takes an interest in technology and even I knew this.