Face Recognition Android


Any plans to bring face recognition and unlock to Android, I noticed you have it on iOS but not on Android.

I’ve noticed with smart unlock on Android if your phone recognises your face it bypass some security in some apps, especially the need for fingerprint.

I’ve had face unlock on my phone for years but generally don’t use it, but my new phone uses Android 8.0 and the face unlock on that is rather smart so I’m starting to use it, but noticed Starling doesn’t support it.


I’ve been using face unlock for a few months now and it’s great! Very quick and seems secure enough as well.

Would be nice to have this with starling.


I’m sure they supported face recognition on Samsung, but dropped it :thinking: @LoganAllan please can you confirm.


Yup, it was changed when we released the new login screen and security update a few months back


Thought so. Cheers pal.


So does that mean its not coming back ?

I know the devs prefer iOS but there is a hell of a lot of Android users that would like some features as well, like Face recognition and swipe up etc.


I’ve never got the impression they prefer IOS. A lot of the time android gets features first.

To be fair to starling I haven’t used any other apps that allows me to use face unlock. It’s always just the fingerprint.