Extending Goals


Im aware that simplicity is beautiful, and these ideas might be too complicated, but here goes.

Goals are great- but what if they were a bit more powerful and lifestyle orientated. Round-up deposits are one idea, but what if there was a way to monitor spending habits, and suggest goals can be reached earlier etc if you ‘cut out the daily trip to starbucks’ or whatever?

What about introducing a low balance alert when a payment is due, and that it can be covered by an amount in a goal? It’s possibly counter productive, as in the goals are meant to be for saving - but it might be helpful? I know there’s a caveat that setting up a goal can cause a payment to bounce even though there’s funds to cover them across the goals, but is that inviting people to make a mistake anyway?

What about splitting goals? Would something like this be helpful… If I scrape whatever is left in my main account at the end of each month into a ‘savings’ goal, and then funnelled that money into sub goals?


Like the idea of an end of the month “sweep”. IF there are no DDs or SOs left at the end of the month- sweep the balance away into a goal.


Regardless of a sweep option or not - I don’t know currently what my nett balance for the month is (Something Nationwide has). Although we have a balance, I don’t run my account down to 0 every month, so I cant easily tell always if I’m + or - for the month. Knowing this, I could then allocate to goals.


Really like all these ideas, please keep them coming! We definitely haven’t realised Goals entirely and we’ll enhance and iterate the feature to make it more useful for you and so your ideas are great to help us do this. Thanks!


I’d find it useful to select a goal and see the payment list associated with it - when and how much.

Is that a brilliant idea or shall I get my coat :flushed:?


I posted requesting this recently too - would make goals tracking much easier imho, would really like to see this implemented!