Exporting transactions


Any plans to support exporting to .qif/csv? Would be useful!


If you go to the ‘More’ tab > Legal Documents > Export Statements. I believe you can export in .csv format or .pdf :slightly_smiling_face:


OMG, it works!

That said, the placement of the feature could be improved, I’m sure that for most people “legal documents” is the one place they wouldn’t touch!

Also, exporting to .qif would be good as it usually has more details than csv (although I guess you can populate both with as many details as desired).

PDF statements

I’ve previously remarked (elsewhere) at how elegant and informative the statement is proving to be. A class act.

Would it be possible to include the option to display a statement for the current month?
The running total feature would be handy in-month. Definitely would help me with a ‘where am I now?’ check.


Pleased you found it, we have a open task to move statements out of legal documents so it’s more discoverable. We’ve also been looking at how we evolve the IA of the More section so we’ll share that soon.


Hi Graham, you can get your running monthly spend in the spending section of the app. And our statement downloads include an end of day balance alongside the transactions for that day.


Hi Sarah (speedy response by the way)

I’m really happy with the running total in the end of month statement and the spending feature breaks down expenditure in-month most helpfully.

Where I think it would really add even more value is being able to display, for example, a list of transactions for June, say, up till close of play yesterday, emulating the format used in the exportable statement for previous months. Then I’d get my day to day running total but for the current month. (Sorry if I’m missing something :confused:).


Wow, who knew. I love the PDF, it’s beautiful :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s what I thought. :+1:


I suppose I’m going around the houses. What I’m really interested in is a statement which shows the state of play for the current month rather than just for completed months.

  • Does this idea have legs?
    Opinions please and I’ll shut up…:smirk:


We mentioned that on our roadmap we’re working on how we might evolve the pulse screen to provide this view of your current month so you have the information available at a glance without needing to download a statement to see it. With monthly statements (the equivalent to durable paper ones you receive) there are some guidelines we have to adhere to, and changing a statement once it has been issued is one of them. It’s great to hear what you find useful so we’ll definitely keep sharing as we evolve these features.


Second that. I can do that in my conventional bank web interface.

It would be also great to be able to export particular transactions to PDF (as I can do in the Revolut app) - that would be useful for when I’m making expenses reports at work.


I opened a new account yesterday, but a May 2017 statement is available. I think this is a bug?!


This happened to me also and the date period is messed up too.

CS told me that they were not allowed to change a statement even though it was incorrect.


Thanks for flagging this issue. We’ll get it sorted.


This is perhaps slightly off topic, but for me personally this is less about a need for a paper (pdf) statement. I too would like the ability to access more recent transaction data than the last full month, but even more so, i would like to export a specific date range to excel for things like tax returns ( :heart_eyes: ).

It would be interested to understand some use-cases for when you would need access to a statement more recent than last month @Graham @Alexey


For me it’s useful to see not just the list of transactions but the daily running total. That can be particularly useful when you’re into a very busy period of activity when the available balance can fluctuate considerably. Peace of mind + feeling in control. :grinning:


I’ve used QIF/OFX files importing into YNAB to make sure everything is correct in my budget.


So my use cases are as follows:

Date range or unfinished month statement for:

  • Providing information for credit and background checks
  • Providing information to embassies (I travel a lot and some countries ask for the proof of funds rather than flow of funds)
  • For my own reference - to see the data without division by types of expenses or merchants

Report on particular transactions for:

  • Expenses reports at work in case I don’t have a physical receipt


It would actually be very neat if we could link Dropbox to the Starling account and have monthly statements automatically uploaded to Dropbox in PDF format. Then there wouldn’t be any need to export them manually as PDF and they would just accumulate in Dropbox.