Experiences/Reviews of Pockit


Hi everyone

Appreciate this is totally off topic but having searched around the web I really can’t find much. Does anyone else here have a Pockit card and if so how have you found it?

Generally I only really use my one account but I’d like to have the ability to load to the card every now and then for spending or letting my partner use.

Seen some horror reviews on trustpilot but a lot of times that’s just people just flipping out when they don’t get what they want.

In short, do you have Pockit and if so how are you finding it?


I’ve had a Pockit card for over a year. I don’t use it much, but when I have used it it’s been fine. Their app is not as good as Starling’s, and they charge for some things (atm withdrawals, bank transfers), but I’ve had no real issues.

The best thing about them is the seriously good cashback they offer at some places. There are quite a few places that offer 5-10% cashback - this is the only reason I still use the card. I spent £900 at a jeweller a couple of weeks ago and got £90 back from Pockit - definitely worth it.


I’ve not used it but the cashback is better than curves’. Double in almost every case.



At the jeweller I went to curve had 1.5% cashback, Pockit 10%


Hi @podgib

Does Pockit act as a pre-paid card ?
Unless I’m missing it, it doesn’t seem to link existing debit/credit cards like Curve.


It acts like a bank account. Unlike curve which recharges the money to another card.


It’s a prepaid card, which is what the OP asked about, but like @DWW said it acts like a bank account with sort code/account number and direct debits in preview. The only similarity with curve is that they both offer cashback, often at the same places.

As prepaid cards go, it’s quite good.


Thanks a lot. Disappointing that it is a pre-paid card. Despite the less attractive cash-back, I am really pleased with how elegant the Curve card works.


Thank for your feedback, the card is on its way so I’ll load it up and give it a try and see how it goes.