Experian to acquire ClearScore


Experian to acquire ClearScore.



Interesting. The ClearScore interface is second-to-none but, in my experience, the data is poor compared to Experian. They still have me living at the wrong address over a year since I moved house, despite this being raised with them multiple times.

Hopefully we will end up with the same, modern ClearScore interface powered by the more accurate (in my case) data held by Experian :+1:t2:


I agree the ClearScore app has a nice UI. ClearScore data has been fine for me, I think they get their data from Equifax.


Yeah, they do. I’ve never had a problem with Experian but I had an issue with both Equifax and Callcredit in the last year since moving home. I raised cases with both and Callcredit fixed it quite quickly. However, Equifax just don’t seem able or willing to correct my address!


Hmm… At the moment I’ve signed up with 3 different ‘check your credit file for free’ services each covering the 3 different credit reference agencies - Clearscore for Equifax, Noddle for CallCredit and the ‘Money Savings Expert Credit Club’ for Experian.

Hopefully someone else will step forward to cover Equifax…


Hopefully the first thing Experian do is get rid of that stupid dog, and its owner.


So Starling accounts will be disappearing from ClearScore reports because Starling accounts are not reported to Experian.


and ASDA may merge with Sainsbury’s as they taken over by Walmart!


Not too pleased to see Asda and Sainsburys meeting. As for ClearScore and Experian will have to wait and see with that one.