Exchange rate notification on arrival in country


Monzo have a nice little feature that is to send you a notification when you arrive in a country that tells you the exchange rate (though not customer friendly)

Would be nice to have this feature in Starling. Image attached, but I think a better implementation would be to show,for example, €1.12, rather than “€10 = £9.12”.
I think we all work currency value out by the example as that’s what is always advertised when buying currency. Maybe as well showing both actually.


Absolutely agree, even if it was configurable within the app - so it would be your preference as to which way round the exchange rate is displayed. Extremely helpful to frequent travellers.


I found this very useful when I visited Ireland last year using my Monzo card. Agree with you @AshleyQuint


What happens if there is a major fluctuation during your trip do they notify you of that?


From my experience, no. Just get a notification on arrival.


I received the same thing from Monzo in July. Personally it provided me with no benefit as I was aware of the currency rates before I went. Additionally rates change daily and thus it is only a very basic guide.


A similar suggestion was put forward here… I think it’s a nice idea so I’ve let the product team know! :smiley:


Personally speaking, I found this to be a useful feature of Monzo.

As for fluctuations during your trip, the fluctuations would usually be very minor. Transactions show in Monzo as soon as a payment is made, too.


It’s the unusual times that matter.


Monzo also gives you a summary on return to UK:


I’d suggest this issue can be circumvented with a little GBP to SEK (or other foreign currency) conversion / comparison within the app updated regularly.


Nice additional piece to enhance this feature @Jon would be regular updates on exchange rate changes maybe if changes by more than X or notification of the rate every morning

Exchange rates in the app itself would be very useful


Might be an idea to include an exchange rate calculator right in-app using the most recent exchange rate available? Although I know the transaction will ‘settle’ at a different value in a few days’ time.


I love the exchange rate info and the return home summary, some more Monzo features Starling should copy without a doubt, simply because they are a good idea and would help customers financial lives. I would definitely benefit from this!