Ever tried to top up Starling using Starling?


…I have ! Oops!

I’ve been trying out Starling exclusively this week to see how it goes. I’ll cut to the chase - I’m loving it.

However I did get to the point near the end of the week where I felt as though my initial top-up might not cover all my expenses for the week, especially with delayed TfL charging. So I thought I ought to jump back into the app and top up a little with Apple Pay.

Fingerprint on. Accepted. Processing… ‘Error: Lack of funds’.
Try again. Fingerprint on. Accepted. Processing…

Of course I set my default Apple Pay card to my Starling one.

I can’t believe I did it twice before I realised what was happening! Has this ever happened to you before or can I claim a ‘customer fail’ first?


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