EUR payments to non Eurozone Countries



I do quite a bit of business with suppliers in the Czech Republic. Without exception, although they are not in the Euro, these businesses invoice in EUR and have EUR bank accounts.

Having just opened a Starling Business account, I was excited about the £25 and two day delay I would save by paying a Czech invoice via Starling instead of Barclays.

Sadly, however, it was impossible to do this as the system seems to be set up to only send payments to CZ in CZK.

My understanding is that most central european businesses deal in Euros. I may be being naive but would it not be a fairly simple change to enable payments to CZ (which you already support) in EUR (which you already support)?

I know there’s a massive to-do list, but could this be a quick win?



Agree @drenk1976 +1


Agree as well @drenk1976


Until then use a personal barclays account to send the payment, its fee free.


Hi @daedal

Barclays don’t charge a “fee” for business account payments either but the exchange rate the use is the “Barclays” rate (which they appear to make up) and they then add 2% to that to work out the quoted rate. On a recent transaction for £900 or so, this meant that even though Starling charge £4 or so as a flat fee, because they use a mid market style rate, there was a clear £20 or so in the actual cost of sending the money. Pretty much all my suppliers sell in either EUR or USD (thankfully most take debit cards) so these £20s add up pretty quickly!