Error message on foreign transfer screen


Just found a small error on the foreign payments screen. The error message says international transfers are currently available Monday to Friday, but today is Tuesday so why isn’t it available? Should it have the available hours too?

Would it be better to not show the input boxes at all, and just have the explanation there instead? Or a countdown to the opening time or something?


I think it should just take the details and then process it later during the next day’s banking hours. It is a pain not being able to set one up in the evening and only being able to wait until the morning to do it.


Hi @Dr_Eggman

Are you still receiving that error?


Not at the moment. Do the transfers stop at a certain time?


During the week you shouldn’t be seeing that. If you see it again please give me a shout so we can take a look into it. International payments stop on Friday and close for the weekend