Enhanced settle up


Had an idea earlier today, when I make a payment I get a notification and can see the details, why not add an option to “split” that payment using settle up.

E.g. I spend £60 booking tickets for myself and 2 others, I get a notification that I’ve spent £60, I tap on it and it gives me the option to “split” and by how many people and then send out the messages…basically like I already do but without the calculator and manual entry


Excellent idea @Stew9021 :smiley:


Really good idea.


So just like Google Pay then?


I wasn’t aware that Google pay did that, but sure if they do, just like that!


Although I’ve just been on android pay and clicked on a transaction and couldn’t see any option to split it or send requests for other people’s shares, so maybe something more obvious


*Google pay


Just add the details of up to 5 people:

Though you can only send to one person at a time.


I thought Starling already had this? Perhaps it’s iOS only?


Oh I see!! Just favoring Apple then! Then I change my request to bring that function to android


We always aim for feature parity between iOS and Android, particularly as I’m an Android user and too often Android is left behind!

Sometimes one engineering team gets slightly ahead of the other - in this case iOS won the race (it’s not a competition, honest :smile:). The Android team have been building it this week though so it will be available soon.


Great news, thanks


yeah but you Android users are getting international money transfers months before us iOS users by the sounds of it, and in my mind that is a much bigger feature!


I can see this on Android now. Click on a transaction and you should see a “split” option.


Try splitwise