Emma VIP Tickets


please be sure to replace the old tickets instead of adding new replies every time the previous gets used


We have built Payday in 3 weeks and are ready to start testing it today. Reach out on social media if you want early access. :wink: https://twitter.com/emma_finance



keep up the great work

love the app and the A1+ customer service


We have just granted you access. :wink:


Emma just released a new payday feature - worth checking it out :raised_hands:


Here is my VIP ticket if anyone wants it: https://emma-app.com/vip-ticket/E5649DB3C6


Hi guys,

we have just announced our funding round (https://www.uktech.news/news/investment-news/exclusive-money-management-app-emma-closes-420k-seed-20180712).

I just wanted to thank each one of you who has been supporting and using us for the past few months. The feedback has been incredible and we have just started playing. :slight_smile:

We have got lots of things coming up next, so stay tuned and thanks again!