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Emma VIP ticket

what happened to the previous thread? deleted as advertising?

@MIROW how do you add that pretty box for the link?

This is a VIP ticket to skip the queue and join Emma!


I could not find the other thread, but was unaware it was deleted, particularly as it being used in conjunction with Starling not instead of.

If you copy the URL to the website and place it further down on a line on it’s own it seems to do it automatically


@MIROW thanks! now I can spam like a pro :wink:


This is a VIP ticket to skip the queue and join Emma!


This is a VIP ticket to skip the queue and join Emma!


This is a VIP ticket to skip the queue and join Emma!


Hi guys,

just wanted to let you know we have shipped an update. We are now tracking rents/loans/mortgages as part of our bills tab. :slight_smile:

ps: it seems someone has deleted the thread. :frowning:




There are people here who seem very intelligent, and who’s opinions I rate higher than normal, who champion Emma… So I’d consider it. But I’m not sure how it could help me…

I have never in my entire life had an overdraft. The only subscription I have is Google Play Music which I use relentlessly. I don’t have Netflix, Sky, Prime, Now TV, Virgin Media, etc etc. All my providers (broadband, electric, etc) are thoroughly researched before considered and my prices are way down. And before I’ll consider heating I will have gone through the stages of being a bit cold, being very cold, putting on more layers, putting on a big jumper, putting on a coat, putting on some blankets, physically watching my tears of pain turn to ice before they hit the blanket… Then put the heating on (but only low! :joy:). And my money is controlled tightly by an excel spreadsheet that dictates how much I can spend every week on shopping and every fortnight on fuel…

So is there any point in Emma for me? It seems to do what I already do anyway? Which is obviously great for people who aren’t as OCD, but possibly not so vital for me.

Or is there more that I’m missing?

Thank you for your time.


If you only have one account probably not but good to see multiple accounts together in the one place


Like all these f.o.c apps you have to agree to sign over your life to third party companies. That’s up to you of course but whilst the concept sounds interesting do I really want to be sign over my financial life. No such thing as a free lunch!

So far the only financial app I can find that promises not to share data is moneyhub (£10/year). Hope someone can tell me I’m wrong.


This is what I thought. Thank you for the confirmation.

I’m not convinced letting them see my water bill would be signing my life away. But I get the point. I’m not generally very happy with sharing information. Although I use different passwords for different things so I wouldn’t feel as vulnerable. But it isn’t for me anyway so never mind. Carry on. :+1::+1:


but they don’t support starling yet :cry:


For any accounts Moneyhub doesn’t support yet you can add manually. A bit of effort I admit, to have to input each transaction but with open banking, I bet it won’t be too long before there is support.

My main concern is not “revealing all” to companies like Yolt, Emma, etc but the fact you have to give them permission to allow them to sell on your information to third parties. If you’re comfortable with that fine. Moneyhub promises not to do that. I’m sure there must be others but some demand quite a hefty monthly fee.


I actually have Moneyhub and Emma and yolt :stuck_out_tongue: they all disappoint anyway :frowning:


We don’t sell your data at Emma and have no intention to do so. :slight_smile:


EMMA ststes-“Your data might be shared with trusted third parties that help EMMA in securely connecting to your accounts”.

So what happens to our data after you “might” share it?


Trusted third parties = Truelayer.com, we use them to connect to bank accounts. While we have implemented Starling & Monzo in-house.

The other thing I find interesting is how people think a service doesn’t sell their data if they have a premium subscription. If I really wanted to sell people’s data, which is not even close to why I work every day non stop, I would come up with not 1 premium, but 3 different premium packages.

Regarding us, we have just started and don’t have a biz model, just burning cash to build a decent product, which is way far to be completed. :slight_smile:


it might sound stupid but the thing that annoys me most of your app is the… style. the theme is way too… playful :frowning:

I would really appreciate the option of selecting a more serious flat/material alternative

It would be amazing if you could detect internal transfers and credit repayments