Electric & Autonomous Vehicles


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We can’t always talk #FinTech

Thoughts on EVs? and does anyone drive an EV currently?


BP recently account they are buying UK’s biggest electric car charger network, Chargemaster. This is great news for EV.


I don’t drive an EV, although I would like to one day. The biggest problem for me is the lack of chargers in this part of the country and range limitations.

Currently, I am driving a Toyota Auris Hybrid, my previous car was a Yaris Hybrid and my next car will probably be a C-HR Hybrid. I really like Toyota! :slight_smile:

Joe, I can guess the make of car you drive, but is it an EV?


Insufficient range, and wouldn’t want to get stuck without charge in the dark on some country lane


Toyota are a great brand and nice vehicles with great Hybrid tech! good choice @Ben. EV infrastructure also keeps improving along with the range.

Go for it @Ben and not an EV :slight_smile:


I would have a Renault if I worked for them and it was compulsory :rofl: I am not a fan of their design asthetic


Long lasting and reliable. We have one at a home abroad and it just keeps going.


The Renault designs are a little avant-garde but they do grow on you. I like the Captur.


As does ivy on a dead tree


Yes, very much so. I have never had to take a Toyota in for a repair. You can see why they offer a 5 year warranty as standard, clearly very few customers make use of it.

The hybrid system is super reliable. There are Prius taxis on the road with half a million miles on the clock and still running on the original hybrid components and battery.

I once had a Fiat 500L (think Peter Kay - even the same colour scheme). I loved the car but it began developing all sorts of problems after just a year. It had to go.


I currently have a 2.2L Diesel Honda Civic, quote for away from a really ‘green’ EV. Although, for some bizarre reason it’s only £20 tax! I’d really love an EV but it’s far too impractical with the infrastructure we currently have particularly in the UK.

I live on a ‘council estate’ as was so there’s very few houses with drives and it’s very rare that I get to park outside my house. Even if I did, I’d have to cross a path, a grassy verge and then another path to get to my house.

I REALLY like the C-HR, it’s definitely in the list of cars I’d like next!


I think I would consider a hybrid; although it’s a mute point as I’m chauffeur driven around town and to and throw from work in a vehicle costing around 40 odd K.

I mean it’s a bus as I never bothered to learn to drive; but you’ve got to hand it to my imagination… and technically I’m not wrong? :rofl:


Brilliant @thom_horne :laughing:


Also some of the busses are hybrid.

On the Kent side (I live between London and Kent) a trial was held by Arriva of an all electric bus recently.


Yeah they do have Hybrid buses, it’s great.


Once charging infrastructure improves, I would hope one day to be in an EV.


Great YouTube video from Groupe Renault on shared mobility solutions and autonomous robo-vehicles.


Our village got a new Merc minibus and it was about 80 odd K!


I was going to say! Plus if its actually a proper bus you can add a 1 to the front of your 80 odd K too…


I’m all for the idea of EVs, although I can’t drive yet…