Editing standing orders


I’m setting up a number of SO’s to one Payee. I’m struggling to effectively edit the details after I’ve set up and saved one.

The edit screen displays the list of SO’s but selecting any of them enables only the title to be changed.

I’d really welcome some advice on how to change effective date, amount, frequently etc. At the moment it’s easier to delete and start again. I’m sure it’s easier but so far the results have been inconsistent. Help please?


Are you on Android or iPhone? I’ve just checked mine (android) and I can tap on each field to update the information


Hi @Cragmireuk

I’m on IOS. I seem to be able to edit fields but the new date entered doesn’t alter. You have any screen shots I could view by any chance ?


Hi Graham

At the moment Standing Orders can’t be edited once they’re finalised (though you can delete them via the scheduled payments screen).

This is a feature request that we’ve shared with the team so I can assure you it’s on the list.

In the meantime, the solution is to set up the payment again.


Thanks Alexandra.


Hi, I have a real pain with this as well! Any idea when the feature request will be looked into?


activate your account on an android device and do it there


@alexandra or @sarah.guha any updates on standing order editing on iOS?


Yeah, it would be good to hear something about this as editing standing orders is the most basic element of standing orders, the first being setting one up!!


Hey everyone, is this possible yet? Just tried :see_no_evil: