Editing our posts


Just a bit of feedback on the forum.

I posted a topic called “Sort code formatting”

It was edited (not by me) to be “Sort Code formatting” – fair enough since Sort Code is a noun. But still a bit odd that a user’s post would be edited for grammatical mistakes.

A few days later it was edited to be “Sort Code Formatting” which is just wrong.

In another topic I posted, an answer was marked as the solution. I disagreed that it was a solution, so I unmarked it. Surely it should be up to the original poster to decide if it has solved it.

a) It’s really weird for my forum posts to be corrected for spelling and grammar mistakes, even by moderators.
b) It makes me feel like you’re marking my work like a school child.
c) I don’t agree with your edits.


Sode Code is something so both having caps (just like Direct Debit instead of Direct debit) makes sence, but personally I am not a big fan of every word in a header being capitalised so would not put Formatting with capital F.

Marking as Solved I thought was done by Starling staff/moderators/gurus but it nakes sense if the original poster of the question can mark as Solved too. However as threads lengthen a later post may provide a better/clearer/expanded answer so it may make sense to change the Solved mark in those circumstances.

We obviously don’t want posts being ticked and unticked in a battle between two users, so if that appears to happen do drop me a line @MIROW or one of the other Gurus or a staff member to look in to it.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


will they start correting typos for us as well?


@alejandro.mery something tells me those were deliberate typos by @MIROW:wink:


I wish I could say it was, but just fat thumbs


Hi there @majikpaul

I’m the Community Manager here at Starling - so most of these edits are made by me, if not one of my team.

Our main aim is to create a warm and welcoming hub for discussion about our app and the wider industry. Part of that is editing the titles, categories of posts so that they are clear and consistent - as this makes it easier for everyone to search and understand. I prefer titles to be capitalised (personal preference I guess?) so I do sometimes edit these too.

You raise some good points though - so I do apologise if you feel that we’ve been overly sensitive on the community. I’ll keep this in mind when I edit future posts.

As for marking solutions - that’s open to everyone so there’s no particular person who owns the decision. You have probably noticed that it brings the post marked as “Solution” to the top of the thread - so sometimes we use it to bring useful information further up the page even if it isn’t an entire solution. It doesn’t mean we won’t reply on the thread in future, or that we’re going to close the thread either.

Hope that helps!


I wondered why my post got edited the other day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: